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Monday, February 18, 2008

Professor Norman Finkelstein: All Honor to Hizbullah !

Professor Norman Finkelstein advises the Lebanese to wage war against Israel. His Lebanese interviewer demurs. But Professor F. has the solution for her country: "Israel has to suffer a defeat !" Hizbullah fights Israel, unlike so many other Arabs, so it, but not the other Lebanese, is following Professor F.'s advice. It, Hizbullah, but not the other Lebanese, deserves high grades from the Professor.

Professor Finkelstein's argument for praising Hizbullah is one of analogy. He states that while he does not know much about the movement, he must nevertheless honor it for fighting Israel. Why ? Because when the Soviet Union ("no bed of roses," according to Prof. F.) resisted the Nazis during the second World War, people honored it for resisting. So now, he argues, it is Hizbullah that resists, hence it must be honored. Those who resist must be honored. Q.E.D., as they say in these Professorial circles.

What about those who resisted the Soviets ? What about those who today resist the Syrians in Lebanon ? Let me attempt to formulate a Finkelsteinian answer to such quibbling (taken, in fact, from one of his speeches): "Drop dead !"

(revised 2/21/08)

UPDATE April 2011:

Alan Dershowitz reports on new outrages: "Finkelstein advised his Palestinian admirers that terrorist groups like Hezbollah, and presumably Hamas and Islamic Jihad "has the right to target Israeli civilians…""

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