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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sabeel and Halper and Ellis

A group of Christian anti-Israel people, "Sabeel," has the support of two Jewish opponents of Israel in this video: Mr. Jeff Halper of Israel, and Mr. Marc Ellis of the United States. To hear Mr. Ellis's noteworthy oration, be sure to watch the video to its bitter end. For material on the American friends of Sabeel, see an earlier posting.

Ellis is employed by Baylor University. He has descriptions of himself as professor there and also as provost. He has furnished yet another description for his post as Director of the Center for Jewish Studies. All stress his many accomplishments, and give details of the praise he has received from famous men like Noam Chomsky and Edward Said. There are also "downloadable publicity shots of Dr. Marc H. Ellis." A more critical appraisal of him is furnished by Steven Plaut.

Update, 9/9/09: Read Plaut's new material about Ellis, Tony Judt, etc.

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