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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The American Communists, 2010

Apparently THEY think that they're still alive

Things to watch for in this revealing little video:

1) Watch them sing "We Shall not Be Moved." I heard them -- the comrades of the CPUSA -- sing the very same song in 1940, but the words were "Browder is our leader, we shall not be moved..." Today, Browder is no longer mentioned by these folks. He has been air-brushed out of their history.
2) Watch the demeanor of the comrades when they sing the Internationale. Those are still the holy words to them.
3) And finally, where are all those starry-eyed, good looking young people of yore ? Not in this crowd.

Do you have it in your heart to spare them a little pity ? (I don't, actually)


Unknown said...

Having become acquainted with some ex-Communists in my time, I know that most in their youth were naive in the extreme, but well-intentioned. As young CPers they apparently were quite ignorant of, or rationalized away, the evil events we associate with Stalinism and international Communism.

While I understand Werner's attitude for people who remain CPers today, his complete coldness gives me the shivers. We can at least afford to feel pity.

Unknown said...

OK, you talked me into it. I pity them.