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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Park Slope Food Coop recruits to its KGB to fight Thievery and Homophobic Language

It's all held in "strict confidentiality." That's what "secret" means, as in Secret Police. For the scope of this KGB, scroll to the end of this posting. There are ordinary crimes like stealing and letting non-members shop (horrors !), but also more sophisticated ones, like using "homophobic language". First Amendment values do not seem to enter PSFC thinking -- but hey, the First Amendment is not what the KGB was all about in Moscow, either.

Hearing Officer Committee
Seeks New Members

The Hearing Office Committee is seeking two new
members. The committee conducts and presides
over disciplinary hearings, ensures that hearings
proceed in an efficient and unbiased manner and,
after a randomly selected Deciding Group has decided
whether an accused member violated a Coop rule,
determines what disciplinary action should be taken
against the member. Applicants should be Coop
members in good standing for at least two years,
have good attendance records and preferably have
judicial, arbitration, mediation or legal backgrounds.
Members of the committee meet and earn workslot
credit on an as-needed basis only, that is, when
hearings are required. Therefore these members
must maintain regular Coop workslots in good
standing or be FTOP members in good standing.
The nature of the committee’s work requires that all
members maintain strict confidentiality with respect
to all matters on which they work.
The committee seeks an applicant pool that reflects
the diversity of the Coop membership at large.
Those interested, please telephone Marian Hertz of
the Hearing Officer Committee at 212-440-2743 or
email at
From Linewaiters' Gazette, Official Newsletter of the Point Slope Food Coop, 3/10/2010

On page 3 of this very same Gazette, there is a description of what this little KGB "investigates":

Some of our work includes:
• Investigating allegations of misbehavior by members.
(i.e. failing to report for or to complete shifts, bringing in
non-members to shop, shopping while suspended, stealing,
using racist, sexist, homophobic or nasty language
against other Coop members and staff )

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